Winnipeg Weekend

August 2011

In ’08 I met Kirsten in Quebec City where we both had travelled to with a french program to study the language for the summer. A week or two into the program she joined me in the cafeteria for lunch and we clicked right away. Later I found out she came over to sit with me because she liked the purse I was wearing….and boy am I glad she liked my purse because this girl is one free spirited, life loving beauty that I adore. Since that summer Kirsten and I have written back and forth to each other…on paper, with a pen…we’re talking old school snail mail here people…and for some reason the hand written letters have made us feel a lot closer than a long distance email or facebook friend feels.

Over two years and many letters after we met, Kirsten came to Vancouver to visit me and a few months later I found myself on the prairies for the first time to see what life was like for my favorite pen pal.

[My departure happened to be two days after receiving my camera body in the mail. So with a ridiculous macro lens that I borrowed from Sean, my boyfriend strapped to my new favorite toy, I was off to begin my experimentation and learning in the world of photography]

Kirsten and Junebug!

iphone photo


Staying on their stunning property complet with a cozy patio and horsies in the backyard and being spoiled with animal love, perfect weather and a trip to her families cabin was more than a treat. Winnipeg had never on my desired destination list. However, after swimming in a lake through the moon’s reflection and watching a lightening storm in the distance, reading for a day on a white sand beach and driving through the country; I would happily jump on a plane to spend weeks paddling it’s waters or dinning in a variety of restaurants there and exploring more of it’s potential and opportunity.


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