The Murray Girl Trio

Not even a week after I received my camera in the mail, Julia, a coworker of mine was in need of some photos of her and her girls for her husband’s birthday surprise. So casually, we met at a park near both or our homes so I could play photographer with them and hopefully catch some nice images for her family. I had been warned by Sean that shooting kids wasn’t an easy gig and soon I realized what he was talking about. They don’t stay still for a second!! It’s a good thing Lilyaunna and Alina make up an adorable trio with their hilarious and not to mention, gorgeous mom. We all had a blast hanging out on the play ground while I fiddled around with my settings trying to keep up with the little ones. I was lost for the first half of our time together but, eventually managed to snap some keepers. Here they are; my first official people photos!

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