what it’s like, lying under the lights

September, 3 2011

The northern lights dance. They swirl, pulse, branch, spread, streak, multiply, reappear, disappear, crawl, creep and glide across the arctic night sky. There is nothing like lying back on a rock, staring up at the sky and taking in the movements and colors of the lights. I’ve more often experienced jumping with joy and endless excitement while watching the lights than anything. This weekend was different though, with the mild weather and satisfied feeling between two determined travelers accomplishing their weekend dream brought a peaceful and quiet, awe-struck content energy over me. Instead of squealing with excitement I whispered soft ‘wows’ and relaxed into the my boyfriend’s arms, while staring up with amazement and a silent but powerful appreciation for this earth. There is something about the lights that even though they are vast and expanding, they make me feel as if I’m not just one of the billions of organisms that wander the earth, but a significant energy, present here and connected to this planet that isn’t as big as it sometimes feels.


4 thoughts on “what it’s like, lying under the lights

  1. love your writing, honey, it’s pretty awesome for someone who claims it’s ‘not their thing’. your images are awesome (because i haven’t said that before), and they feel really mysterious, these ones. very much that magical feeling the northern lights have.


  2. Such beauty is in this world, I am amazed! Your images are breathtaking, I’ve been starring at no. 14 for so long, it has already entered in my soul. Wonderful writing too, you make people identify with you and feel everything you did.


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