Hopped on a Chopper

September 15, 2011

I have an informal ‘bucket list’, one that I casually keep track of in my head. Sometimes when I add something I would like to experience on the list, it lingers around for a long time while others get added and checked off quite quickly.  Flying in a helicopter is something that moved on and off the list quite quickly.  Before I said farewell to my flight benefits, I wanted to go up up and away in a chopper. So I showed up at Helijet one morning and hopped over to Victoria, BC. I spent the day visiting family and wondering around. I felt like a tourist for the first time in a familiar city as I joined everyone else by snapping a few shots of the famous Empress hotel and Parliament building.

I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty special flying in and out of Victoria just for the afternoon. However, I felt even more privileged to catch the stunning sunset that I did while approaching YVR. This short helicopter ride was surely a cool experience. I enjoyed every second of my time in the air but it was my love for beautiful skies and the sunset that showed up that evening which really made me squirm over this experience now marked off my list.


2 thoughts on “Hopped on a Chopper

  1. This is so beautiful, the sunset is amazing, Jen! Love these peaceful moments before the sun rises and sets, it’s magical!


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