From girl guide cookies to pedicures

I’ve known Sarah for so long I don’t even remember meeting her. Growing up we spent summers at girl guide camps together doing arts and crafts and singing around camp fires. Now, instead of weekly summer visits we aim once a year to initiate christams shopping together in Fort Langely. This is a tradition that has gone on for at least 8…10? years. As the years go on we add must-do traditions including high tea lunch at the Little White House and most recently, pedicures to end our day. We also tend to make christmas candy and decorate ginger bread houses together over Christmas.

With all these winter traditions we decided we had better crack the whip and get together in the months when the sun shines a little more. We were pretty proud of ourselves for getting together one afternoon no where near the holiday season, sticking to our word. With no better ideas for hangout time for two broke girls, we headed to the dyke and my camera tagged along (/Sarah is pretty and wears nice clothes and I wanted to play with my camera).

No matter how long it has been since seeing each other last, we have no problem picking up where we last left off. Comfortable and easy conversation always flows and as we get older, the travel stories and life plans we get to share with each other only get better and better.

Sarah is heading to the UK later this year to study shop and explore but, she’ll be back to visit for our fort langely trip (and Christmas with her family :P) She wouldn’t miss it for anything!


One thought on “From girl guide cookies to pedicures

  1. Beautiful young lady you’ve got there to model, Jen! Love the b&w ones, the sky looks amazing in them. Looks like you two had a lot of fun shooting these!


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