Panaji to Agonga– the end of the road

last week of October 2011

After weeks in crowded cities rolling into Goa with literally a breath of fresh air. I can not tell you how loud I squealed at the first site of fluffy white clouds across blue skies. It had been so long!!

Navid, the young man who we hired to transport us from Mumbai to Goa through India’s crazy traffic and [lack of] road rules became not only a handy addition to our team but also a 4th friend on our adventure. He is the politest man I have ever met  and also cracked a few pretty hilarious and witty jokes once he realized he could loosen up around us a bit. We got to know Navid quite well. Which is not surprising since we spent countless hours in the vehicle with him (and trusted him with our lives). At one point on the road I asked him where he could live if he could choose annnnywhere. He replied “Goa Ma’am. It is like heaven.”  From my first glances of the big fluffy clouds and lush palm trees to my last morning meditating on Agonda Beach, I learned and quickly came to understand why Navid thought of Goa as a synonym to heaven.

Along the way to Agonda we stopped at a Tropical Spice Plantation in Ponda. I was surprised at how much I loved this detour and how little I knew about spices! Did you know cinnamon sticks and bay leaves come from the same tree?! And all

spice is actually one ground up leaf and not five spices mixed together! :O I know! crazy!

-A baby pineapple!– We ran into a traffic jam on our way to Agonda, our last stop on our road trip. Mel who really had to pee reaaallly appreciated these cows while I laughed to myself thinking that the entrance to my new home looked utterly awesome.


5 thoughts on “Panaji to Agonga– the end of the road

  1. ha! i forgot about the amazing sunsets that become routine for you. the cow shot is actually one of my favourites from your travels because it’s so ridiculous.


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