Agonda Beach,The Place I Called Home

November 2011

Longer than a year ago I rolled into Agonda Beach for the first time in the last real car I would be in for a while. Being that the beach is one extended U shape, when we came to the fork in the road we had a 50% chance of turning the correct way to find our new home. We went left, and we were right. We pulled into the Fatima guest house and unpacked our bags into a lack luster, but large room that we ended up never growing to love. The beach and community in which our home sat on is very near and dear to our hearts however. It is a beach with more cows than tourists and is a 20 minute tuk tuk ride to anything more exciting (like oreos, bank machines and bulk toilet paper)

I have been home from this beach for a long time now, but still find myself wishing I was sitting on it’s sand and listening to the fierce waves that I learned how to body ride. We became a part of the small community long before our 5 weeks there were up. Although small, this beach had a lot to offer me (except for hot showers). From the people, the food, the animals and sounds- I was never short of wonder but at times, I have to admit, I was short on appreciation. The annoying happenings that occurred now make for great stories. I find the treasures I found there are too hard to portray or too insignificant for other to listen, and I instead keep them to myself, in my bank of blissful memories. I have to tell you though, everything from incredible sunsets, dolphins, movie theater restaurants, $0.40 lunches, friends, spas and amazing grilled cheeses can be found there (and I could tell you some pretty wild stories about all of them, I dare you to ask)

Agonda Beach, Goa 1 Agonda Beach, Goa 2 Palolem-A touristy area about 30 mins from Agonda by tuktuk (above and below)
Agonda Beach, Goa 3 Agonda Beach, Goa 3- Agonda Beach, Goa 15 Agonda Beach, Goa 16 Agonda Beach, Goa 14

Agonda Beach, Goa 17

Agonda Beach, Goa 13

Agonda Beach, Goa 12 Agonda Beach, Goa 11 Agonda Beach, Goa 10 Agonda Beach, Goa 9 Agonda Beach, Goa 8 Agonda Beach, Goa 7 Agonda Beach, Goa 5 Agonda Beach, Goa 6

Agonda Beach, Goa 4

Agonda Beach, Goa 21 Agonda Beach, Goa 19 Agonda Beach, Goa 20 Agonda Beach, Goa 18 Agonda Beach, Goa 22


5 thoughts on “Agonda Beach,The Place I Called Home

  1. I like this a lot, because I’m pretty sure even I haven’t seen these? Awesome images though. I actually didn’t really realize how beautiful it was where you were. That’s pretty cool though, Jen. Neat, neat stuff. The mountains are spectacular hey?


  2. Everything is beautiful in these pictures you’ve captured. Just love the colors and the waves. Looks like a serene paradise, if that even makes sense.


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