An Angelic Sunset with the Best of Friends

November, 2011

yoga in front of the greatest backdrop the earth offers

After witnessing stunning sunset after sunset, and making new bendy friends from around the world in my teacher training, I had the idea to organize a photo shoot that would be far from ordinary. After our class was out one evening, the ten students in the yoga teacher training and four teachers gathered on the beach swimming and playing around while the sunset grew more and more magnificent. I had spent the better part of three weeks in agonda where the power would cut out for any where from 10 mins to 8 hours and the most technology I saw aside from my iphone were the fans that hung from the ceiling, swaying with every spin, threatening to fall on your head. Then out of NO where tripods and top grade cameras were lining up in front of the suryanamaskar A sequence. I still do not understand where all of the photographers came from. If you see similar images in a calendar somewhere, don’t accuse me of copy right issues. In the end my little Canon T2i and ancient olympus fixed lens worked some magic along side the other big guns.  Although the sunset that evening seemed to stretch forever and alter dramatically, eventually the light became too low for my camera to pick up. That did not put an end to the fun though. We continued to dance along the shore line and eventually, we started to scatter. We rinsed the sand from our hair in the waves before dispersing, only to meet up for lassis, garlic naan and aloo gobi around a table and under the stars.

Sunset Yoga, Goa-1 Sunset Yoga, Goa-2 Sunset Yoga, Goa-3 Sunset Yoga, Goa-4

Strength and flexibility can take your physical body so far. Only until the self is balanced between ida and pingala, yin and yang, contrast and unconditional love, will the physical body stand upside down on soft sand, as sturdy as a tree trunk. The beauty of yoga is not in the impossible shapes that the physical body can take form in asanas, or postures. It lies past what can be seen. It is the lack of resistance, blockages and worry that is required to achieved these shapes. Only a mind that is balanced, care-free and aligned can kick up into a firm handstand on a whim. Sunset Yoga, Goa-5

Sunset Yoga, Goa-6 Sunset Yoga, Goa-7 Sunset Yoga, Goa-8 Sunset Yoga, Goa-9 Sunset Yoga, Goa-10 Sunset Yoga, Goa-11 Sunset Yoga, Goa-12 Sunset Yoga, Goa-13 Sunset Yoga, Goa-14 Sunset Yoga, Goa-15 Sunset Yoga, Goa-16 Sunset Yoga, Goa-17 Sunset Yoga, Goa-18 Sunset Yoga, Goa-19 Sunset Yoga, Goa-20 Sunset Yoga, Goa-21


6 thoughts on “An Angelic Sunset with the Best of Friends

  1. There really aren’t words for those, they’re so beautiful, Jen. Every single one of them should be in a magazine somewhere, or National Geographic. It’s amazing…


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