Three Days on an Island Where ‘Peace’ is a Legit Greeting

August 8-10th, 2013

Summer of 2013 has been staked. Three jobs, three university courses a jarring life event that let me rewrite my future and more socializing than I had done in many semesters had me full beyond my maximum. After somehow managing to balance my crazy schedule and self during four months of insanity, it was time for a break not ever more deserved.  Leaving for Salt Spring Island the day after finishing exams was like taking a desk scattered with papers, pens, books and paraphernalia and clearing it with one giant sweep into the trash. I left my laptop (with some hesitation) at home for the first time in months and it was a huge weight off my shoulders (literally) and my mind. A friend of mine asked me what I was planning on doing during my stay and my response went exactly like this:

“wear shoes as little as possible, do lots of yoga, sit the forest, hike, eat yummy food from farms, visit with people that will be there concurrently, take photos and be very happy”

and that I did.

Salt Spring Vacation

Salt Spring Vacation-2

Me and Larissa

Salt Spring Vacation-3

Salt Spring Vacation-4

Salt Spring Vacation-5

Salt Spring Vacation-6

Salt Spring Vacation-7

Salt Spring Vacation-8

Salt Spring Vacation-9

Salt Spring Vacation-10

Salt Spring Vacation-11

Salt Spring Vacation-12

Salt Spring Vacation-13

Salt Spring Vacation-14

Salt Spring Vacation-15

Salt Spring Vacation-16

Salt Spring Vacation-17

The universe guided us perfectly during our stay. We gained cell service the exact moment a friend on the island tried to contact us for the first time. We made the perfect wrong turns (because there are only happy accidents), met wonderful people and rendezvoused with others at the market that we had planned to see but could not get in touch with. We coasted effortlessly around the island sharing giggle fits mixed with the right amount of silence. I left feeling more like myself than I had in over four months.


One thought on “Three Days on an Island Where ‘Peace’ is a Legit Greeting

  1. I just love these photos, they give me such joy and peace! And that lavender field, wow, I believe the perfume was absolutely amazing. Just wonderful, Jen! :)


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