Iceland, a story without words.

April, 2013

When I take a photo, I am not only capturing the scene in front of me. I take the feeling of the moment with me forever. I can relive all the moments leading up to each photo. Rolling down a car window, scaling icey steps, crossing do not pass boundaries, eating a muffin, taking off my shoes….all those moments get captured when the shutter releases.

That is why it has taken me over a year to post this trip. Iceland brought the hardest experiences of my life in the most beautiful place in the world I have visited. By far, it has the most diverse geography and weather I have ever experienced. Iceland is a photographer’s dream. I took more photos in two weeks than I dare admit. Each photo telling a piece of a story about discovery amidst mother nature, the power of relationships, and gifts wrapped in ugly packaging that take time to unravel. This story is now embedded in who I am. Iceland turned my life on its head, and now, I could not be more thankful.

Instead of sharing this story with words, I will share the rest of my favorite photos and call it a wrap.



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