High Tea in the Bavarian Countryside

October 26th, 2014

I grew up with a mother who  sent me to school with tupperware containers filled with decorated cupcakes to match every holiday, who made me a cake shaped like two ballarina slippers as a little girl, and who still bakes hundreds of Christmas cookies every season to wrap up carefully to give and give and give. Sharing tasty treats is one way I know how to make someone feel welcomed, loved, celebrated, or appreciated. If you’ve been around me long, you likely have been on the receiving end of a batch of cookies, homemade ice cream, or some birthday cupcakes to let you know that I care.

Based on the below spread, you can only begin to imagine how much gratitude I carry for the Kurz family.  They have brought more richness to my trip, and life, than I ever imagined. I can happily say that my family has grown by three here in Germany.

High Tea-0644

High Tea-0662


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