Amsterdam, take two

September 12, 2014

This time around, I doubled my time in the city. I went from a whopping 24 hours in Amsterdam, to two days wandering the streets, catching up with an old friend, and admiring bicycles. With all that extra time, I got to see the city on the other side of the train station, take a ferry, and admire the innards of a few of their brilliant buildings.

I left knowing it was not the last time I would be there. Without missing a beat, I feel like I could slip right into a routine without threats of boredom that can come with too much comfort. A feeling that made me think, ‘hmm, it would be nice to stay here for a while’. Perhaps I will be back to take a course with Thnk, or to learn how to prepare some of my favourite Dutch dishes. I also left with a vivid imagination for my dream Amsterdam bike. Regardless if that bike ever manifests,  I will at least be back long enough to eat poffertjes and day dream along a canal again, even if it is just for a layover.

Amsterdam -1 IMG_8476-2Amsterdam -1-3 Amsterdam -1-2 IMG_8484-4 IMG_8492-5IMG_8499-6 IMG_8524-7 IMG_8526-8 IMG_8533-10 IMG_8552-11 IMG_8562-13


IMG_8574-14 IMG_9642-17

I met Dinja in India where we completed our yoga teacher training together doing Astanga in Agonda. We said our goodbyes after an intense month with “see you again, someday, somewhere”. Two years later, almost exactly, we connected over apple pie and fresh mint tea just as easily as we did over masala and lassis. It was a quick visit but rewarding. We left again saying “see you again”. I love having friends all over the world.


IMG_9653-20 IMG_9662-21 IMG_9677-22

A piano at the Amsterdam train station. In my biased opinion, it’s not as charming as the Keys to the Streets piano project, but these fellows were able to make Eminem sound classy with it.



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