A Taste of Belgium

September 14th, 2014

Where else would someone go on a beer, chocolate, waffles and fries mission?

Bruges was abruptly withdrawn from being the host of our cuisine challenge when we learned track construction that would set us back a few hours. Determined to get our taste buds on the best of Belgium, we boarded a train, destination Brussels.

Underneath all the morning grog, Tenia and I were just happy to be hopping over the border to the second country of our trip. Even if it was just a day visit, we knew it would be a delicious one.

It turned out that we couldn’t escape train delays completely. We made it to Brussels not wanting to waste a minute.  Without a map or any guide, we were off on our mission. First stop, waffles!


A slight detour took place when we accidentally stumbled upon the St. Michael’s Cathedral. It was a lovely (and brief) distraction from finding tasty treats.  We wanted breakfast!

Brussels-3 Brussels-4 Brussels-5 Brussels-6 Brussels-2

Brussels Brussels-7

After strolling through the old market square sampling chocolates every 50 yards or so, we made it to Juice Land. A chocolatier told us it was home to the best waffles around and we trusted her.


We weren’t disappointed. My senses must have been overloaded by waffles and chocolate because it seems I didn’t care to release my shutter before I opened my mouth.


Not long after arriving, we were already enjoying a refreshing local beer on a patio, with most of our challenge items consumed.  We decided to one-up our mission and track down a brewery. It was not easy to find one at first but, after asking a few locals and some wrong turns, we made it to Cantillon beer Museum and Brewery. Lambic  and sour cherry beer did not turn out to be the refreshing beer Tenia was looking forward to. Nonetheless, it was an interesting and unexpected addition to our day.



Brussels-13 Brussels-14 Brussels-15 Brussels-16


Our day concluded in my favourite way, with golden lighting bouncing off trees and buildings, before flooding the sky with orange hues. After the sunset, we boarded our train ‘home’ with a rather modest box of chocolates, full bellies, sore feet, and the satisfaction of sampling all of Belgium’s famous offerings.

Brussels-18 Brussels-19


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