Let’s try this again…

November 8th, 2014

Today I left for Budapest and it feels as though I started my trip all over again. I woke up not wanting to leave the comfort of my own bed for the last time. I scanned the house for anything that may not have made it into my backpack while packing. I was counting the things I could not wait to eat, feel, and smell again. As I left, I turned to thinning leafs of fall, jagged mountains capped with snow, and waved farewell to a small town called Haag, my home since the end of September,

Haag Home-10
The universe has a way of always giving me exactly what I need. I also can be good at ignoring my needs, or pretending I didn’t hear myself asking, even though I always hear the request. When I don’t voluntarily take what I truly need, I am always brought to it via a twisted path, often weaving through events many would see as misfortunes. I never see it coming either, even if it’s so clear when I look back. This time around, I needed a break, a real break and I was not willing.

After an intense semester finishing my degree, a part of me wanted to take my cash for this euro trip and retreat to Salt Spring Island for the Summer with a bike, a garden shovel and a hammock. Instead, I took an intense job and settled for a few weekend getaways, where I only had to take some work calls while relaxing. With barely a week between handing over my final reports and getting on a plane, I barely understood I had left. Hence, Dazed and Confused in Den Haag.

Barely four weeks into my trip, I had already become much too familiar with my travel insurance policy. I was unwell, and there was no way around it this time. I was prescribed four weeks of rest. I was not to travel, carry a backpack, or do too much other than sleep. I was in Northern Germany, and was not ready to come home.

As it always does, everything fell into place. I soon found myself on a train, returning back to somewhere I thought I had left forever, Haag. The place I would finally get a break, a real one.

Haag Home-9

Haag Home-1 Haag Home-3 Haag Home-4 Haag Home-12 Haag Home-13 Haag Home-5

After a friend, and mentor, heard that there had been a large change of pace in my travel plans for the past month, he asked me what I had learned so far. It was a question I had reflected on already, but had much more to explore before I could answer. I like to mull things over for a long time, and really let them soak in. Consequently, I have yet to reply, but tonight I will thank him for helping me frame the story of my time living in Haag, and send him an overview; as I will save my full answers for here.

Haag Home-6

Haag Home-2 Haag Home-11


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