Rule #1, no grocery store bread.

September 18th, 2014

When Tenia and I arrive in a new town, I guarantee 1/4 of our backpack’s weight is from food. Traveling with a Chef has its benefits. It means I ate mushroom risotto at my hostel last night, and the dishes are usually finished by the time I’ve stirred the pot.

On our way to Paris, we had a brief stop over in Brussels where we got some fresh air while eating lunch. After a slew of questions about French cuisine, we ended up starting a list oh must eats, and rules for our time in Paris. Rule number one, bread must not be bought at a grocery store, ever. Rule number two, two pastries a day. Rule number three, crepes every other day. French onion soup, macaroons, baguette, cheese and wine…the list went on.

Of course the first thing we did after dropping our bags was going out to find our first crepes.

Paris Begins-5

Not as predictable, the second thing we did was visit the graveyard. If it wasn’t the closest thing to our airB&B stay, I am not sure if we would have gone. For something that wasn’t on the top of our priority list, we spent an impressive three hours wandering through is curved allies and districts admiring the massive scoop and endless history. We ended up finding Chopin and Jim Morrision before heading out in search of our first pastry of the day.Paris Begins-1

Paris Begins-3 Paris Begins-4 Paris Begins-2Paris Begins-7 Paris Begins-1-3Paris Begins-1-2Paris Walks-18

Paris Begins-20Paris Begins-17Paris Begins-2-2

Paris Begins-1-4


Paris Begins-9Paris Begins-6 Paris Begins-8


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