Picnic in Paris

A plan is always just a guideline to help steer you through time.

On the second or third day in Paris, we left our flat with plans for a typical tourist sight seeing day.

Only five minutes after we left the house, we walked right into a market alive with vibrant colour, and smells underneath a gentle sheet of rain. We started walking up the aisles admiring all the fresh produce, cheese and breads. It didn’t take long for us to ditch the Eiffel tower plans. We spent a couple hours browsing the stalls, sampling small treats as we decided what to buy. A packed picnic for the evening sounded like the right idea. I practiced my french as we asked for cheese that paired well with the fresh fruit we chose. We found a bottle of 2001 wine for 2 euros. It could have been horrible, but how bad of a mistake could be made over 2 euros?

Paris Market-1 Paris Market-1-2 Paris Market-2 Paris Market-2-2 Paris Market-3 Paris Market-6 Paris Market-7 Paris Market-8 Paris Market-9 Paris Market-10 Paris Market-8-2 Paris Market-12 Paris Market-11 Paris Market-5

After having extra cheesy crepes for lunch, we left with full bags that we delivered to our flat before heading out for a late afternoon stroll.
Paris Market-15 Paris Market-14 Paris Market-16
That evening we had our picnic over looking Paris, at the bottom of the Sacré-Cœur. After a gentlemen helped us open our bottle of wine, we more than contently enjoyed every last bit of the meal as the sun set over Paris. Paris Market-4-2 Paris Market-7-2 Paris Market-6-2

From there, we were off to a traditional French Cabaret. In a small room in dim red light we were serenaded by an impressive group of singers. My favourite was a women who sang with enough soul that I understood the music despite recognizing few words.

That day, I felt more like I was in Paris than I did standing at the top of the Eiffel tower, or wandering the halls of the louvre. These are the experiences I crave on the road.


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