City Walks

September 20th, 2014

Paris is a big city. From the first day to the last day, the 45 minute walk from our flat to the Notre Dame went from seeming long, to being the comfortable last leg of our journey home.

Walking is my favorite way to get around a city. Too many sights are missed if navigating is spent underground, on a tram, or is too planned. I love seeing people’s front doors, quaint coffee shops, alleys, and public art as a stroll through the streets from one neighbourhood to the next. I love walking the streets, observing people and getting a feel for local living.  I often take my time, and do not mind taking a few extra turns along the way.  I would say I love getting lost in cities but that requires having somewhere to be.
Paris Walks-1 Paris Walks-2 Paris Walks-6 Paris Walks-7 Paris Walks-8 Paris Walks-9 Paris Walks-10 Paris Walks-11 Paris Walks-12 Paris Walks-13 Paris Walks-14 Paris Walks-16 Paris Walks-18 Paris Walks-19
Believe me, having public transportation is an option that I am always extremely grateful for when I take advantage of it…such as the night we needed to get home from the Eiffel tower, a three hour walk from our front door.
Paris Walks-3 Paris Walks-4 Paris Walks-5

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