Au Revoir!

September 21st, 2014

On the first night in Paris, as a I watched the sun set behind the Notre Dame, I was convinced I needed more time in the city. As we didn’t have more time to take, we squeezed in a lot of must-dos and sees in our short stay. This is not often my style. To me, traveling is not synonymous to sightseeing. Whatever the reason, however, in Paris we made sure to see all the highlights.
Paris Ends-1 Paris Ends-3
Paris Ends-5
Paris Ends-4 Paris Ends-20Paris Ends-6
Although I felt like we were rushed for time, on the last day, I was ok with leaving. The only thing I was craving, that I hadn’t quite had time for, was to sit. It is a place I would have loved time to simply read, write, and people watch while drinking coffee in an outdoor café, or along the water. On our last morning we got a wee taste of that. After an early morning stroll around Luxemburg Gardens, we finally grabbed a coffee, but not just any coffee.
Every time we had left our flat or came home, we had to walk by the Café dux Chats. Each time, sleeping, fuzzy, and playful kittens drew us towards the window and tempted us to enter. We spent our last hours in Paris, snuggling kittens while drinking a cappuccino. We waited until we really had to leave before walking out with very big smiles. There was just one more thing for us to do after grabbing our backpacks.
Paris Ends-8 Paris Ends-9 Paris Ends-10 Paris Ends-11
Paris Ends-12 Paris Ends-13 Paris Ends-14 Paris Ends-17 Paris Ends-18

We ate many, many, many, pastries during our 5 day stay, but there is one we are still talking about today. The last stop on the way to the trains was at a very unassuming bakery on our street where they make magical éclairs.

I knew we had found something special when I turned around to find Tenia after I lost her from my peripheral vision. She was barely sauntering forward; her feet continuing even though her brain and body was else where. She stood there with her mouth open, but only partly because she was smiling at the same time. Her eyes were huge as she continuously switched from looking at me to longingly gazing back down at the éclair in her hand. Her face was priceless. I wish I caught it on camera. It turns out what we thought was a caramel éclair was actually a coffee éclair, and it is one of the best things we both have ever eaten.

So that was our last stop in Paris. We bought four éclairs, and two croissants and very contently got on our train, back to Den Haag.

Paris Ends-15

The bakery is a corner shop somewhere around the intersection of Rue Sedaine and Rue Popincourt near Voltaire metro…and that is the best I can tell you.


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