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I love being cozy. Give me a big couch, a mug of tea or coffee and a good book and I’ll be content for hours. I love nature and taking it in on hikes, on my lunch breaks, and wherever I can fit it in. I am obsessed with sunsets. If I could watch them every evening, especially with new surroundings, I would never tire of them. I love listening, especially to funny stories. I’m not often much of a talker. I love baking, and eating. I dream of having a garden that feeds me and rocking in hammocks. I am surrounded by inspiring, genuine, loving, and fun people who constantly make me feel supported and blessed. I love traveling. I express myself best through writing and movement. I discovered photography three years ago and I started using photos to share my stories more than spoken words. Here, I broadly share exactly the way I prefer. Consequently, it seems this blog has developed into a site of travel stories.

Traveling adds richness to my life. Traveling leads me to see possibilities further than my scope allowed before arriving. It brings unexpected relationships, inspiration and curiosity. It increases my empathy, sense of humanity and appreciation for this world. It is when I have learned the lessons that have shifted my perspective and life forever. Traveling often filters my priorities into place and refreshes my sense of direction. It allows me to learn about things that matter most through experience, which is the only way I ever come to understand completely. Perhaps that is way I am mainly drawn to post when I’ve traveled.

When I travel, the space to discover my authentic self expands drastically. When I get on a plane, I leave behind all the definitions of who I am that may limit me. I can keep my job and academic titles to myself, gaining more freedom to present myself as I choose: by my values and what matters to me. I get to learn by seeing how I fit in and react to different cultures, surroundings and challenges. I have time to listen and expand my self-knowledge. This is one reason I love travel. Maybe the most important one.
Bon Voyage
My learning does not stop when I get home. From researcher, and yoga instructor, to advocate and social innovator, I take on many roles that constantly challenge me. The variety of activities I take on seem random to most, but they can be explained by my passion for making positive change. Whether it is self, community level, or system wide, all my work flows towards the same intention, to make change where it matters most.

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