Where in the World

My first plane ride was a ~15 hour flight from Vancouver to Seoul Korea on the amazing Singapore airlines at the age of 15. It was the start of three flights that would get me from YVR- CGK. After two days, I arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia where I would spend the next summer months of 2007 living. I have traveled at every chance I’ve had since.  

My travel bug brought me to Quebec City the following summer to study French, Paraguay the next spring to build a day care and eventually it brought me to a job working at an airline which allowed me many travel experiences from -40 degrees in Yellowknife to +30 in Maui.

When I left the airline job, my travels did not cease. I’ve since traveled to India, up to Iceland and am currently on a a six month Europe trip that started Sept 2014.

In between my big trips I like to fill any free time I get with trips to Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, down to Oregon, and where ever I can get myself.



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