Although fun, yoga isn’t about being able to stand on your head or touching your toes. It’s about being able to find the subtle balance between strength and softness no matter where you are or what contrast you are experiencing. It is a journey to a continuous connection to your inner most self and yes, a more toned and flexible body may be a side effect of practicing yoga postures (asanas). Although we see a focus placed on performing Asanas today, it is not the only or, the most important technique of a yoga journey.

I get inspired and excited by our personal journeys of coming into alignment with ourselves; physically through joints and muscles and spiritually by tuning into our inner selves. As a teacher, I come to you as a guide to assist you along the unique path you are taking towards greater alignment by offering suggestions and encouraging trust in your always present inner brilliance. Laughter paired with yoga is one of my favorite combinations on this planet. Bringing a smile upon our faces during a challenging pose reminds us not to take effort too seriously and that suffering is merely an experience we choose to create or dismiss. I completed my 200 hour Astanga-Vinyasa yoga teacher training in November of 2011 with Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India. I have been eager in continuing the expansion of my knowledge and experience ever since.

I am currently traveling and taking a break from teaching!


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